Who’s Mattie?

My name is Mattison B.

Yes, my name is spelled with two t’s.

Yes, I enjoy telling people that.


Connect with me!

Email: mattisonbonds@gmail.com

Facebook: She’s Mattie Son!

Twitter: @xAmazingly_Mat

Instagram: @Amazingly_Mat


8 thoughts on “Who’s Mattie?

  1. Mattie, I am a writer just like you. I often find myself writing about being a big and Tall black female in a world that celebrates the petite and lighter skinned models. We must not forget the long hair…. I love the skin I’m in…I know who I am and i show ogf the long legs that that don’t need heels. It’s the eyes that look at me and wonder… who is she?… I smile back and my eyes say… I am me.

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    1. That’s beautiful. I feel like all girls should have that same confidence and feel proud when they give introductions of that manner.


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