#HerLoveStory |CAMPAIGN

Did you know that you are a walking breathing love story?

The relationship that we have built with ourselves deserves to be told to the world! In a society where relationship goals are so important, it is equally important to recognize that our self love stories can be #RelationshipGoals to someone else.

For the month of July, She’s Mattie, Son will be supporting and sharing the self love Love Stories of Black women in order to encourage and educate others about loving their selves regardless of the obstacles they encounter.

Sharing your love story is EASY!

Tell your personal self love story! There is no right or wrong way to go about it. Where does your story start? What challenges have you overcome (or not overcome) that have affected how you love yourself now. What do you want people to learn from your story? What did you learn?

Remember this is your love story! Have fun telling it!

How to share your Self Love Story

Make sure to follow me on my social media!

DM, email, or share your love story on your social media platforms

Use the Hashtag #herlovestory

Got questions?? Contact me!!


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